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Easy to install, even if you don’t really know what you’re doing!

EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-W1-0500-KR

Okay, so I am not a hardware guy. Opening my computer case fills me with dread and apprehension. I’m always worried I’m going to find mice living in there, or a giant dust bunny, or I’m going to set it on fire somehow.

I’ve got a Lenovo tower that was juuuuuuust getting by with a 180v power supply, but when I went to add a SSD, I realized just how little that was. The SATA power for my existing drive and CD bay were coming off an adapter on the motherboard, and there were no spare SATA power cables to be had.

Now, the thing to note here, some Lenovos (like mine) have a 14 pin motherboard power connection, and most power supplies (like this one) have either 24 or 20+4 connections. I did manage to find an adapter, so all is well for the motherboard.

Installation was a snap, even for a dope like me. First off, of course, you TURN OFF THE POWER AND UNPLUG THE MACHINE.

Okay, just wanted to put that out there, just in case. Anyways…

All you need to do is remove four screws in the back, holding the power supply in place. Take off the side of your case (or however you get access to the guts of your machine), follow the connections from the power supply, and unplug them all. Take note of what you unplugged, so you don’t leave something unpowered. Once it’s all unhooked, you can gently wobble the power supply out of it’s spot.

Putting the new supply in place took a bit of wiggling, like moving a couch up a narrow flight of stairs. Once in place, the same four screws hold it there.

I plugged in everything I needed – including my new SSD. I have a ton of SATA power spots available now, so there’s room for future growth. There’s also a ton of cables I didn’t need, but thankfully, I had room to tuck them off to the side in my case.

I crossed my fingers, and powered it up – and hooray! Nothing caught fire! Nothing smelled like burning! Nothing sounded like you’d stuck your finger in a ceiling fan! Yes, it runs warmer than my old, smaller power supply, but the fans in my case seem to be doing an adequate job of keeping it relatively cooled, overall.

So far, I’m happy! I’ll update this if it does end up catching on fire, even though it would likely be my fault, not the power supply’s.

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