Hell Of A Ride

This video was posted in August of 2016, just for the fun of it. I liked how the false crescendos of the music made you think the condom was going to fail, but then it didn’t, over and over again. It got a few thousand views over the years. Until last week.

On April 22, 2019, this video suddenly and inexplicably took off, and to the time of writing, it’s been seen over a hundred thousand times since that date. Rather incredible. It’s now my most popular video of all time, and the first to reach 100k views.

A nice side effect of all this has been the subscriber count. Again, since the 22nd of April, I’ve shot up about 150 subscribers, which has pushed me to 900 – spitting distance to becoming monetized again. It’s something I figured would take at least another year, as I was gaining about a sub every day and a half, and was still needing 250 subs to get to the mythical thousand mark. Now, I’m only a hundred short of the promised land.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. This crazy surge could end at any moment, and I could be back to business as usual. And as they have in the past, YouTube could always swoop in and delete a bunch of the accounts, as they seem to do whenever my subscriber numbers get too close to any milestones, personal or otherwise.

But while it last, it’s been fun to have a channel that’s so active in the views department, so I’m appreciating the ride while it lasts, with my fingers crossed that the conductor might just ask “do you want to go FASTER?!?”

Oh hells yeah, I do.