A friend when you need him, and a toy after that

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy, Black Lab

When we first brought our puppy home at eight weeks, he was a bit sad to not have his litter mates around. We put this puppy into his bed, turned on the heartbeat, put in the heating pad, and he cuddled right up to it. He still sleeps with it, every night.

However, once we stopped putting in the heat packs and took out the heart, he decided that what was once a friend to keep him company in the dark was now a lifeless shell to be torn apart with gusto.

He particularly enjoys ripping open the velcro, and pulling out the “stomach” to chew on. I’m not sure if we should be alarmed by this behaviour. Thankfully, the puppy seems to be constructed to withstand this barrage of tiny teeth, and it’s still in one piece.

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