Challenging The World’s Fastest Pug!

I was recently sent a link ( for a pug race in Germany, and while most people would just watch to enjoy the sight of a traditionally, shall we say, non-racing dog running 50 meters, my first thought was ‘betcha my pug could do that!’

So, I measured out 50 meters (164 feet, or about 55 yards for you imperial measurists) at a nearby park, and put Bowie through his first timed race. Now granted, this was without any training or practice, so I wasn’t expecting the world here, but I have to say, he did pretty well for his very first race!

His best time was 7.3 seconds, which is a ways off from Emma’s blistering 5.8-second pace; but I think, with a bit of training and practice, Bowie might put himself in a position to be a legitimate challenger.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who was asking about me this summer – I went from producing a video every week, to taking a few months off. Nothing wrong, aside from a little bit of burnout, but I’m coming back and feeling great! I’m not going back to weekly content, mind you – I’m taking more time on each of my videos, so that I’m happy with the finished product, instead of the timelines. I hope you’ll enjoy the results!

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