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DIY CFL Football Sporran

I recently picked up a lovely cilt (it’s a Welsh kilt, but there’s no K in the Welsh language) from the fine folks over at Wales Tartan Centre ( It’s a lovely combination of Stampeder red and CFL turf green, so I may wear it to a Calgary Stampeders home game one of these days …

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Fluere Holiday Cocktails for Non-Drinkers

Big thanks to Mrs McReviewface for joining me to review Fleure Alcohol-Free Spirits ( But rather than just mix up some simple rumless cokes, I thought it would be more festive to make some holiday cocktails and mocktails, and see what works and what doesn’t. Because, believe it or not, you might find yourself at …

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DIY KFC Fire Log!

So, once again, KFC has released a scented product that I want, but cannot have an original of. Last time, it was the KFC-scented candle, which I made my own DIY version of ( This time, it’s the suitably festive fire log! These were sold in Canada at Canadian Tire stores, but they sold out …