Tastes of Tamworth: Ep 2 – Graverobber

Tamworth Distilling was founded in 2015 by Steven Grasse, and it operates under a wilderness-to-bottle model. They distill their own neutral grain spirit base from local organic corn, organic rye, and malt. All of their grains are sourced from farms within a 150 mile radius, and the water comes from the Ossipee Stratified Aquifer, one of the purest sources on the East Coast. You can check them out at http://tamworthdistilling.com.

Steve Grasse is an American advertising executive, author, distillery owner and the founder of Quaker City Mercantile. In 1999, Grasse partnered with William Grant & Sons to create Hendrick’s Gin. He also helped to create Sailor Jerry Rum.


In October 2019, the distillery released Graverobber Unholy Whiskey, an Unholy Rye Whiskey infused with maple syrup from a malignant old maple whose roots burrow deep into the nearby unmarked Colonial era graveyard. They describe the flavour as “spicy yet sweet, evil yet divine, the life of the Graverobber begins… when yours ends”.

Widely considered taboo across New England, tapping a graveyard maple is said to disturb the dead and conjure spirits from the underworld. The placard adorning the small cemetery just down the road from the distillery reads “Here lies early settlers, their names may be forgotten, but their souls are registered in heaven” and dates back to the mid-1700’s. http://tamworthdistilling.com/spirits/graverobber-unholy-rye/

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