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Is This The Tiniest Hotel in Portland?

Okay, so I’m not talking about some run-down little flea motel on the side of the highway that charges fifteen bucks a day to stay in a closet that hasn’t been cleaned since America had a respectable president. No, I’m talking about clean, beautiful, interesting spots.

Yes, there is more than one tiny house hotel in Portland, but for my money, this one is tops. The Tiny Digs hotel is a former used car lot with seven small but well designed tiny houses, all in different styles and configurations.

The rates are reasonable, the neighbourhood is vibrant and interesting, there’s A/C and heat, so you’re good all year ’round; and despite their tiny stature, these are some very well laid out and creatively spacious spaces!

We loved our stay, and the next time we’re in Portland, we’ll be back to try out another of their unique units!

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