Social Distance Stampede 2020

This year’s Calgary Stampede was unfortunately cancelled, due to the ongoing pandemic. This ten-day festival of rodeo, carnival, and western spirit has been running for over a hundred years, and even floods and wars couldn’t do what COVID-19 did.

But I’m a lifelong Calgarian, and I love the Stampede – so for the next ten days, I’ll be releasing a video per day highlighting some of the things I love about the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Won’t you join me?

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My Greatest:
I Beat* The World’s Fastest Cow:
The Truth About Inflatable Hammocks:
Make Your Own $4 Green Screen:
Google Home Review For Canadians:
When Okamoto Crown Condoms Break:
Knee Walker vs Skate Park (Amazon Review):
My Squirrel Call Brings All The Squirrels To The Yard (Amazon Review):

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My audio: a 10-year-old digital recorder
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