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The Worst of Reviewy McReviewface – BLOOPER REEL!

Okay, so there’s no new content this week, but I thought I’d put together some of my failed project attempts to entertain you with!

First, my attempt to compare several different toy drones. I had to drive over 20km to get to a space that was legal, only to realize a) it’s really hard to film and fly at the same time, and b) it’s probably a good idea to test the equipment before you get to your location!


Second, I learned that some auto-focus settings aren’t well suited for vlogging…

Third, my attempt to take down the big, bad practice butterfly knife industry on Amazon, by showing just how easy it would be to sharpen a practice blade. Guess I was wrong!

Fourth, and finally, my terrible idea for a viral challenge video… truly, I cringe every time I see this footage!


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