Wigs For Your… Eyebrows? (Pretty Loxx Review)

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m not the hairiest guy around, and my eyebrows… well, there’s about four hairs there, and they’re not very prominent. So, when I heard about these human hair eyebrow wigs, I thought, here’s a product I’m really qualified to talk about!

And yes, I realize these aren’t exactly for guys like me. There are people who, due to illness or other conditions, lose their eyebrows, and products like this allow them to feel a bit more like themselves again. Please, don’t take any of this video as a mockery of that important service! While these don’t really look all that great on me, it’s 100% due to my own application errors.

But even at that, and despite my incorrect colour choice, I don’t think they look half bad, and were I to try again with a different shade and shape, I think I could pass for having real eyebrows with these!

If you want a pair of your own, check out Pretty Loxx at https://www.prettyloxx.com/collections/health-beauty-make-up-eyes-eyebrow-liner-definition.

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