Canned Haggis vs 3-Year-Old Leftover Haggis

I do love a good haggis (and Macewan Meats here in Calgary makes a very fine haggis indeed!), but I realize not everyone has access to a delicious, freshly made haggis.

So, I picked up a can of Scottish Haggis at the local Co-op. It was just under $15 CDN, and there’s a lot in there, so it’s a hearty meal! But, I thought, I can’t just taste this canned haggis. I need something to compare it with.

Luckily, a few years ago, I didn’t finish my haggis, and it’s been in and out of my freezer a few times since ( I thought, maybe comparing canned haggis to a fine butcher’s creation might not be fair sporting, but surely it could hold it’s own against one that’s survived the rigours of a long freezer life?

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