DIY KFC Fire Log!

So, once again, KFC has released a scented product that I want, but cannot have an original of. Last time, it was the KFC-scented candle, which I made my own DIY version of (

This time, it’s the suitably festive fire log! These were sold in Canada at Canadian Tire stores, but they sold out quick – and sadly, a bunch of people seem only to have bought one in order to flip it on eBay. Which is lame. Don’t do that.

So, lacking an original, I made my own knockoff version. It’s made of wax, duck fat, eleven herbs and spices, sawdust, and newspaper.

Did it burn well? Not at first – it took a while to get going, but once it caught, it kept going. Did it smell like KFC? Not really – just a touch of burnt white pepper, and only if you stuck your head right into the smoke by the base of the fire!

And yes, if I manage to get my hands on a REAL one, I’d be happy to compare it to my janky homebrew version!

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