Liquor Licenses in Alberta

I went to the local Co-op Liquor store to get a non-sales liquor license for a private event, and was told a few incorrect facts. But the most frustrating was the idea that you have to purchase all of your alcohol from the same Class D licensee (store) that you buy your license at, and at the same time.

This isn’t the first time I’d heard this, by the way, but it was the cavalcade of false information from this store that made me want to investigate this “fact”.

I did check directly with the AGLC, who directed me to this document (, and item 8.1.11 does show that yes, the consumer has the right to purchase their alcohol from any vendor, as is not limited to the seller of the event license.

Thankfully, the AGLC will be following up with this particular location, to make sure they understand the rules for selling liquor licenses in Alberta!

If you want more information about liquor licenses in Alberta, check out, or for info on the type of license I was getting – the non-sales private special event license – go to

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