My Squirrel Call Brings All The Squirrels To The Yard (Amazon Review)

…and I’m like, it’s better than yours!

So, I stumbled upon the Hunter’s Specialties Squirrel Call (, and I instantly knew I was going to buy one. Why? Because we have a booming squirrel population in our fair city, with a lot of black squirrels (these are “mutant” eastern greys; not native to the region, the original breeding pair escaped from a zoo exhibit in 1929). They usually run away from people, so I thought, even with the call, I might need something else to gain the trust of the squirrels.

So, I also bought the CreepyParty Deluxe Squirrel Mask (, so I could blend in with my new furry friends!

Now, all fun and games aside, did either of these things work? Not really. I mean, the mask was just for giggles, and I doubt the squirrels noticed a difference, if I’m honest. But the call did have an impact. Squirrels either turned and moved towards the sound, or they puffed and twitched their tails, standing still until they could figure things out, then bolting for the safest perch in sight.

So, if you’re looking to bring in squirrels, the call may or may not help with this particular variety of squirrel. The mask is great for scaring the heck out of my wife, however, as she hates the little “tree rats” with a passion!

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