Smoovie! vs the Beer Gardens

I started doing my review of the Vantec Smoovie Pocket Video Stabilizer ( when I realized, this is a little dry. A touch dull. Even, could we say, boring? So, at great risk of embarrassment to myself, I took the Smoovie to the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and ran the gauntlet that is the very popular and crowded beer gardens!

Now, is this as seamless and easy as one of those brushless motorized 3-point gimbals? No, of course not! You’re talking about something that’s ten per cent of the price! But does it give you only 10% of the quality? I would argue, no. It does much better than that! If you’re an amateur filmmaker on a tight budget, a YouTuber with a tight budget, or love taking home movies on your phone, but you have a tight budget, this just might be the tool you’ve been looking for!

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