All about the Inflatable Hammocks!

Outdoor Portable Inflatable Lounger Beach Sofa Air Sleeping Lay Bag With Carry Bag (Black)

Love it. Yes, it takes practice to fill these things up – you’re not going to get it on your first try. Seriously, go to YouTube and look up “the truth about inflatable hammocks” to see how badly I botched it the first time I tried!

But now, I can fill this up in no time flat, wind or no wind, and they are the comfiest outdoor seating you can find. Great for camping, music festivals, or just chilling in the backyard or park. If you’re out in public, you will get looks and questions from curious passer-bys.

These may be last summer’s hot ticket item, but they’re not going out of style. Comfort is always cool!

And yes, I’ve bought several of these buggers now, and one of my highest viewed videos is my first attempt to fill one: