Eco-Friendly Glitter Bomb!

Glitter! You either hate it or you love it – but there’s no disputing that it’s not great for the environment. Microplastics are being recognised as a major contributor to ocean pollution, and glitter doesn’t break down – it’s plastic, sometimes containing heavy metals! (

So while glitter bombs are funny, they’re a dick move for both the person being bombed, and the planet. But fear not! There is an alternative to bad glitter!

Ecosparkles ( is a company in Denmark that is making glitter that’s earth friendly! From their website:

“This glitter is made from FSC Certified, non-GMO eucalyptus trees, it is certified biodegradable and certified for cosmetic use. This means it does not contain toxins or heavy metals like many craft glitters do. All our glitters are vegan and cruelty-free for a world without animal abuse. Leave a glittery guilt-free footprint on your path!”

So, the glitter in this glitter bomb will break down out in the park, not flutter around for decades to come! And yes, I tried to get eco-friendly balloons, too, but no luck there. So, I did make sure to pick up all the broken pieces of balloon.

The song? It’s “Propeller” from the YouTube song library, but the lyrics are sung by Kylee Brielle (


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