DIY Weird Al “Fat” Halloween Costume (Amazon Review)

I’ve long been a huge fan of Weird Al Yankovich, going all the way back to his Michael Jackson spoofing days, and all the way up to Mandatory Fun. So, when I figured out a way to do my own Halloween homage to the Fat video, I was pretty pumped!

The costume base is this inflatable body suit┬áthat worked darn near perfectly! Yes, it was a bit short in the arms and legs (I’m 6’1″), but it otherwise made for a perfect Fat Al.

The glasses do have a prescriptionless lens in them, and were so comfortable, I’m considering getting a pair for my prescription!

The wig was the best find, a women’s fashion wig that, when worn backwards, gave me the best Weird Al hair I could imagine! And at the price (around $16 CDN), how could I go wrong?

Stretch sound effect: – Mike Koenig

Whip crack sound effect: – snottyboi

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