Google Home Mini, Eh? (Canadian Unboxing + Review)

I love my Google Home – got one last November, as soon as I could get my hands on one. Of course, there was not Canadian release at the time, so I got mine shipped up from the ‘States (review for Canadians here

So of course, I was pumped when Google announced the release of the Mini, and made it available to us Canadians right away. Good times, eh? I did a quick unboxing and setup video, and times have changed since I set up my original Home.

Most of the native features available in the Google Assistant world now work here in Canada – with a few notable exceptions. I still can’t order a Domino’s Pizza from my Home, and my Harmony remote won’t work with it unless the Home app is set to English (US).

That being said, the Mini is small enough and affordable enough to expand the reach of Google into my home, and I can now call on the Assistant from about 80% of the house, if I talk loudly enough!

The sound quality is not as good as the original Home, and I’m sure it will sound like a tin can compared to the Max – but compared to just listening to your phone speakers cranked to full volume, the Mini more than holds it’s own.

Haven’t subscribed yet? Do it now! You won’t regret it!…

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