Let’s Get Crazy, Berlin Style – Hot Sauce Review

Once again, my supplier of all things wonderful, odd, and otherwise amazing, my sister Lisa, has sent me a whole heapin’ helpin’ of Berlin-based hot sauces to test out.

Now, when you think hot sauce, you probably think American; but these hand-crafted sauces are the hottest (heh) thing in Berlin right now (https://www.crazybsauce.com).

These sauces range from a delightfully delicious but mildly spiced Jalapeno and Date sauce, to the frantically fiery flavour of the black label Blueberry and Death – I mean, Carolina Reaper – that should probably be reserved with people with tougher tounges.

But of the three I tried, there wasn’t a single one that wasn’t delicious! And yes (obviously) they ship to Canada!

You can follow those Crazy Bastards on Twitter (https://twitter.com/bastardsauce) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/crazybsauce), or visit them in person in Berlin, and tell them Reviewy sent you!

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