Why I Didn’t Shoot A Review Video This Week

So, I was a little busy this week – so busy, in fact, that I didn’t have time to shoot a proper video, or do a proper thumbnail for this video!

This is Bowie, and yeah, I’m blaming him for my lack of production!

He is a ten-week-old pug puppy, and he’s full of energy, so he’s really kept us on our toes since we picked him up.

He’s doing really well in his new home – he’s learning to respond to his name, he’s great at playing fetch, he loves his kennel, and he’s figured out where his piddle pads are.

As it gets warmer, he’s getting more and more interested in being outside – no walks yet, since he hasn’t had his second set of shots. But we scraped clear a spot on the lawn for him, and he’s slowly exploring the great outdoors (until his paws get cold and he wants to go back inside!)

I will be featuring (shamelessly exploiting?) Bowie in some future review videos, so hit that subscribe button to see him (and me) in our next collaboration 😉

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