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DIY Humane Skunk Deterrent

My Blink camera out front started going off in the wee hours of the morning, capturing a few nocturnal visits from the friendly neighbourhood skunk (I can call him that because he didn’t spray me). At first, he was just sauntering by, but soon enough, he discovered a gap under my front steps, and I …

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Thank You! 1,500 Subscribers!

Back in June of 2016, I put up a video on how hard it was to inflate a hammock without reading the instructions. Now, nearly five years later, I’ve managed to convince one thousand and five hundred of you to join me on my occasional adventures in oddball reviews. Thank you to every single one …

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DIY CFL Football Sporran

I recently picked up a lovely cilt (it’s a Welsh kilt, but there’s no K in the Welsh language) from the fine folks over at Wales Tartan Centre ( It’s a lovely combination of Stampeder red and CFL turf green, so I may wear it to a Calgary Stampeders home game one of these days …