Argyll Kilt Jackets – eBay vs Rental

Yes, I’m getting a bit obsessed with my kilts!

I wanted to find a nice not-too-formal jacket to go with my nice Wales Tartan cilt, but the Prince Charlie jackets are just a touch too fancypants for my liking. But a nice Argyll? Especially a tweed one? That fits the bill of dressy but comfortable to a tee.

Now, I found a few places selling them online, and the prices range from $200-800 CDN – which is a big investment right now, especially given how few places and events I’d be attending in the foreseeable future that would require a nice jacket. But then I looked on eBay, and lo and behold, there were a plethora of options – but they all were using the exact same images!

I did a reverse image lookup, and found that the source image came from a retailer in the UK. I asked them if they’d like to participate in the video – maybe a Zoom chat to talk about the frustrations of having your images stolen and how eBay won’t do much to stop it; or about how cheap clothing from overseas can’t quite hold a candle to the quality workmanship they can offer, not to mention the decades of expertise in the area. They ignored my first few messages, but finally came back with a polite but curt “no thanks”.

Why didn’t they want to talk? I can only speculate. Maybe they didn’t think this small fry YouTuber was worth their time. Maybe they are working through legal channels to get their images off eBay, and didn’t want to tip their hand. Maybe they worried that there’s not as much of a difference in quality as one might think. Or maybe they get their stock from the same overseas production houses, and didn’t want that coming to light? In the end, all I know is, they weren’t interested in talking.

Neither were either of the two eBay sellers. Not a huge surprise there, as there’s not much they had to gain from talking to me.

I’m also not naming the rental place that I got the third jacket at in the video, simply because I didn’t tell them I would be using the jacket I rented in this review video. I didn’t know where my opinion would land, so I decided ahead of time not to include their information. The last thing I want to do is blindside someone, or risk any possibility of doing any harm to a great local business. I will say, they had great customer service, and I would certainly shop there again.

So, what’s the final consensus? I think it’s highly dependent on what you need from the jacket, how often you’ll be wearing it, and how much you’re willing to invest. You certainly get what you pay for, and investing in a fine piece of clothing is great, if you’re in a position to do so. But if you’re new to it, unsure of how much use you’ll get of it, or want to keep the expenses lower, I think these eBay jackets are just fine – so long as your expectations match your budget.

I’m not an expert in this, but if you have questions about my experiences, please leave a comment below!

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