Scottish Lordships Reviewed (You Can Win One!)

If you’ve ever seen those ads offering you the chance to become a Lord or Lady, you might have wondered – is it worth it? What’s the catch? Well, I decided to become a Lord to see what’s it all about!

I bought my title through Established Titles ( – and let’s be clear – this is not sponsored content! They did offer me a free title for review, but I declined, and purchased this with real money. So, I can tell you that, for about fifty bucks USD, you get your name on a fun certificate, a tree planted in your honour, and you get a personal dedication on a private registry for a souvenir plot of land right around here (,-4.4494688,16.5z).

Now, you can’t do anything with the land, except visit it. You can’t really call yourself a Lord, except for fun, and you can’t apply for a coat of arms or anything official from the Scottish government. If you think you’re going to put this on your credit card and get better service at a restaurant, or on you passport to get upgrades at the airport, think again. This is a novelty only – a fun one, to be sure, but definitely nothing that will improve your social standing!

Now, that being said, I purchase a BOGO sale for my title, which means I have a title for Lord Reviewy McReviewface, and one for Lord Leave A Comment Below. If you would like to assume the title of Lord Leave A Comment Below, please… well, leave a comment below! Tell me why you deserve to be Lord or Lady of this title, and what you would do with such enormous power! I’ll pick the best entry, and working with Established Titles, we will swap the title to your name, and you will get a certificate to show off your new title!

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